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09 November 2004 @ 03:47:00 (JST)

- R.I.P. Robert Heaton (1961-2004)

Robert Charles Heaton, ex. New Model Army drummer, collapsed suddenly and died on Thursday, 4th November, 2004. According to the NMA official site, a post-mortem examination revealed that he had been suffering with pancreatic cancer, which almost certainly caused this sudden death.

I don't know what to write, really... I didn't know this sad news until 9 o'clock in the morning on 8th November (JST)... and I got upset with this... I tried to pull myself together all day, tried not to cry in front of others at work (as nobody knows New Model Army and I don't wanna waste my/their time)...

Yet I cannot take this in.

Listened to Kentish Town Forum (15th December 1994) live audio tonight, and I cannot stop myself crying... Just 10 years ago, I bought "Stupid Question" 7" single and "No Rest For The Wicked" album at a second-hand record shop in Tokyo, and got hooked by their music. A few months later I travelled UK on holidays and managed to go to their gigs at Manchester, Glasgow and London. I still remember those brilliant shows...

Since then, I've been into them... love to listen to every song.... It was sad to hear the news of Rob's departure from the band back in 1998 but I hoped he would be well and fine after the surgery he had... I just hoped he would enjoy his life... and I suppose he surely did...

This is not fair... He does not deserve this...

Also, MooseHarris.com (ex.NMA/The Damned bassist Moose's website) frontpage (and nma page) has a picture of Rob at the moment.

Rob's spirit will live on through all fans of NMA and his other projects including the "Fresh Milk"...

I wanted to put Rob's picture that I took at gigs on this page, but can't find them in my house - maybe I've left them at a flat in England...

12 September 2003 @ 11:35:00 (JST)

- On 1st September, 'thee michelle gun elephant split up' announced at rockin-blues.com and Universal Music Japan websites. Yes, it's OFFICIAL now. I got the news on 30th August when the rumour was spreading through the Net. Similar rumours arose before, so I had doubt on it at first - it could be another damn made-up story - that's what I thought. I was wrong. On 29th/30th August, fanclub members received a paper from tmge fanclub by mail. You can see it at http://www.rockin-blues.com/thanks/thank_you.html and http://www.universal-music.co.jp/tmge/for_all.html. English version is at http://www.rockin-blues.com/thanks/thank_you_e.html.
The final Japan tour "LAST HEAVEN TOUR 2003" starts today at PENNY LANE 24 in Sapporo. All dates can be found at http://www.rockin-blues.com/wild_wild_tour/no_heaven.html. (*NOTE* Sapporo@PENNYLANE 24, Matsuyama@Sallon Kitty, Fukuoka@DRUM Be-1, Kyoto@TakuTaku, Nagano@CLUB JUNK BOX gigs are 'PREMIUM LIVE'. Only lucky winners can get tickets for these gigs. No tickets available on the day.)
Most shows are now sold out, but more tickets for Osaka and Chiba (the final date of the tour) will be on sale soon.

Osaka@Osaka-shi Chuo Taiikukan - 14 September, 10:00 a.m. - Ticket Pia Kansai
Chiba@Makuhari Messe Exivision Hall 9.10.11 - 15 September, 10:00 a.m. - Ticket Pia/LAWSON TICKETS/e plus/CN Playguide

24 July 2003 @ 07:54:00 (JST)

- Got chosen as a tester for TypePad.com beta test. Gonna try to put updates with my PHS while I am at Fuji Rock Festival. 'moblogging' - that's a new word for me. Hmm. Hope it works OK. My testing TypePad site (English) is at http://bkml.blogs.com/. I will update mainly Japanese pages, though -> http://bkml.blogs.com/jp/

01 July 2003 @ 00:01:00 (JST)

- manics.co.uk mailing list sent email that Manics live show at Glastonbury on Sunday would be streamed online via playlouder, but apparently it's not... :( I just found a question by Manics fan and an answer to it at http://boards.playlouder.com/talk/glastonbury2003/. (Subject: Will the Manics gig be shown on the webcast?) Weird...

- Japanese bkml.net (http://jp.bkml.net/main/) now open to public, but yet needs more brushing up. English version not ready yet.

31 May 2003 @ 01:14:41 (JST)

- SJIS is OK with Nucleus2.0 so far. No MOJI-BAKE, no error. I haven't tried all functions yet, though. Maybe I'm just lucky. => Nucleus2.0 in SJIS (still testing)
Gonna test Nucleus2.0 in Japanese EUC this weekend. Thanks to UKservers/Virtualnames support, mbstring module was installed this week on the server that my site is hosted on. I just asked if they had any plan to install the module in future, and didn't expect such quick response. Great support as always. Many thanks! :-)

- Found another blog tool called P_BLOG. It's developed by a Japanese on MacOS X. A blog tool (PHP+MySQL) developed by Japanese! This is what I've been looking for! Yet basic functions only but there should be no problem in handling with Japanese.

14 May 2003 @ 17:03:00 (JST)

- Also testing MovableType2.63 with MySQL backend in Japanese character set SJIS (Shift JIS). Going to install another set of MT in Japanese character set EUC to see which is easier and better to handle Japanese.

21 April 2003 @ 03:51:35 (JST)

- Currently testing Nucleus2.0 and Yomi-Search(Powered by PHP).